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My grandfather is Maurice “Red” Waite. He is the son of Ralph L. Waite & Hazel Bronson Waite, & grandson of Frank H. Waite & Lillian Culver Waite.

Papa, Red WaitePapa, my mother’s father, was born 29 Sep 1922 in South Ripley, Chautauqua County, NY. He was the third & last child, of Ralph & Hazel Waite.

His toddler years were probably happy- as photos of the time show him with careless smiles. This was not to last. When my Grandfather was only 2 years old, on the brink of the Great Depression, his father died suddenly from Appendicitis. This left his wife Hazel to tend to 3 growing boys- without a husband and his income.Only known picture of Ralph L. Waite and his 3 sons (shortly before Ralph L.'s death)

In 1946 my fate increased when my Papa married my Grandmother, Doris Mae Everett. They had 5 children; Harold, Carol, Linda, Sandra, & Suzanne. My mother is Sandra.

Growing up under the wing of my grandparents, I was privy to wonderful stories- stories they probably weren’t ready to talk about when their children were growing up. I was also inquisitive child, especially when it came to family history! My Grandmother always talked very fondly of her mother-in-law, Hazel. From collective stories and anecdotes between Papa & Grandma I learned she stayed in the family home that her husband had built in South Ripley. There she worked as a laundress, while managing what was left of her farm.

Harold E. & Lillian L "LuLu" Bronson King took in my grandfather at times in his childhood.There were times her boys would be sent to live with Aunts & Uncles. I have heard a few stories about how these people really stepped up & filled in the gaps losing a father would create (Papa would later do the same for me). Papa really didn’t know much about his oldest brother, Walter Nelson. Nelson, as he was called, was 6 years his senior. I always thought he was sent to work at a very young age, though I have not confirmed this.

Papa’s next oldest brother was Ralph Norman. I remember him quite clearly. They were only 19 months apart. Papa was 5’ 11” (exactly as my husband). I don’t know how tall Uncle Norman was- but he had a much more imposing stature!Papa & his brother Norman after Grandma's Funeral in 1991. Image shows how much bigger Uncle Norman was! The photo at right was taken after my Grandmother’s funeral in 1991. Uncle Norman made my 5’ 11” grandfather look tiny!

Given that the two oldest boys are 5 years apart in age, it is possible that there was a child or children who passed away in between. This is speculation.

Between 1865 & 1880 Papa’s grandfather, Frank H. Waite & his father, Rufus G. Waite, moved to Kansas. This was the time of The Great Land Rush. During this time my Papa’s father, Ralph L. Waite was born (2 Dec 1888). By 1900 Ralph L. Waite was back in Chautauqua County, NY, where he remained until his death in 1924. Ralph’s mother is Lillian Culver. Lillian was born in New York in 11 Jan 1860. She & Frank had 4 known children. My great grandfather, Ralph L. Waite, is the oldest, next the birth is of Matilda, who was lost to Cholera at age 10 months. Next is Harold, then Chester. All but Chester were born in Kansas. It seems Lillian returned to Ripley, NY before Chester’s birth and stayed until her death. She is buried in Quincy Rural Cemetery in Ripley, Chautauqua County, NY.

Ralph L. & Hazel Aleene Bronson WaiteAs I stated earlier in this story, Ralph L. Waite died young. He was only 36 years old when he was so suddenly taken from his young family. Most of the Waite’s were scattered so Papa never really knew much about them. He did, however know a lot about his mother’s side (the Bronson’s). Please see our Bronson Page for more information on them.

Rufus G. Waite, Margaret Whitney Waite & their children. Topeka, KSRalph L. Waite’s father is Frank H. Waite who was born in 1853 in New York State (possibly Chautauqua County). His father, Rufus G. Waite, was born in Allegany County, New York. During the years of the Great Land Rushes & Cattle Drives, Frank & Rufus moved to Kansas. Both died & are buried in Topeka, Kansas.

Frank H. WaiteThe next generation is Gardner & Amy O’Dell Waite. They are my 4th great grandparents. Amy is still a bit of mystery. I know she was born 5 Nov 1804 in NY State & died 18 Nov 1893 in Jackson Co, MI. Gardner is another story…

Gardner was born on 23 Dec 1801 in Rensselaer County, NY. On 10 Oct 1891 he was was found dead in Spring Arbor, Michigan, “by strangulation by means of a rope placed around his neck by his own hands…”

Gardner’s parents, my 5th great grandparents, were Rufus & Sarah E. Hall Waite. They were both born in West Greenwich, Kent, RI in the early to mid 1760’s. Rufus & Sarah married Sarah 2 Dec 1784. They both died in the 1830’s & are buried in Hills Hollow Cemetery in Petersburg, Rensselaer, NY. Together they had 6 (known) children; Montgomery Duty, Lydia, Jeremiah, John, Eunice, and, of course Gardner.

Rufus’ parents were Thomas & Tabitha Waite. I am still working on their information :)

Sarah Hall, my 5th great grandmother & wife of Rufus, was born in 1763 to Robert & Sarah Matteson Hall. Robert’s parents were Preserved & Elizabeth Vaughn Hall. Sarah’s mother Sarah was born to John & Elizabeth Sweet Matteson.

Elizabeth Sweet was born in 1703/04 on Rhode Island to Henry O. & Mary Andrews Sweet. Henry Henry O. Sweet was born 166½ in Rhode Island to John & Elizabeth Jeoffrey Sweet. John Sweet was born in 1603 in England. His wife, Mary Periam was born in 1581 to John & Margaret Hone Periam in England.

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