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Salisbury National Cemetery 202 Government Rd, Salisbury, NC [South Railroad St at end of Military Ave.] Prison 1861 - 1865 & National Cemetery 1887 - Present  Page Last Updated on 14 Apr 2016

National Cemetery Administration

Nationwide Gravesite Locator

US Dept of Veterans Affairs has created this database to find Veteran Burial Locations.

Salisbury Civil War Prison Roll of Honor

Civil War POW’s Who Died at this Prison

Many people use this as a directory for the cemetery. IT IS NOT! It is a list of those who died in the prison only.

Salisbury National Cemetery

Original Salisbury Nat’l Cemetery

This was a Civil War Prison- when POW’s died they were put into mass trenches. After the war it was converted to a National Cemetery.

Salisbury National Cemetery Annex

Second Salisbury National Cemetery

This Annex is located in another part of town. It has later burials. I suggest looking at both sites.

Online Resources

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All lookup requests for these cemeteries must be posted on Find A Grave (links below).

*I post on Find A Grave. I have not used Billion Graves, but it is a resource that should not be overlooked.

Find A Grave

*Billion Grave

Find A Grave

*Billion Grave

Roll of Honor

[Offsite, online PDF file]

VA National Gravesite Locator