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Family Reunion Project:

Created many years ago by Kelly for a family reunion, this is a tri-fold project board with a painted background (tree, grass, & road).  She added photos of actual family members & family graves. Since she did not have photos of any ancestral homes she used Abe Lincoln’s childhood log cabin! It’s hard to see the family tree overlay that was printed on overhead projector sheets. In person it made a great visual of Ancestors, especially for people who do not research their tree!

In America, there are a few known lines of Ribble’s. Currently we have not connected them. My Ribble line is Johann Georg who came to Philadelphia & settled in New Jersey.

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Johann Georg Ribble, aka George1, was born 09 May 1709/10 in Württemberg, Germany to Christian & Margaretha Ribble2. He married Anna Eva Sebring?, aka Eva1, between 1724 & 1732.

In the calendar year before arriving in Colonial America, 1732, George & Eva baptized a daughter named Maria Barbara, aka Barbara1, in Annweiler in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

In 1733 the Ribble family arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania3 on the pink^ Mary. Ship records show George’s signature (below). I find this impressive because many were illiterate, displaying their “mark” (usually an “X”).

George & Eva moved north into New Jersey where they lived & died. There they had 3 more children, that I have verified; Anthony, William, & Jonathan George. Jan Wilson-Ramos has transcribed Johann’s will (thank you). It can be found on her site: Click here..

Maria Barbara Ribble, AKA Barbara

Baptism: 28th or 31st of Aug 1732 in Annweiler, Germany

Immigration: Same as parents.

Husband: Possibly John Schryner.

Death: Possibly Bef. Oct 1763.

Anthony Ribble (my direct ancestor)

Born: 1736, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, Colonial America.

Wife: Mary Seborne, 1758, Sussex County (now Warren), New Jersey, Colonial America.

Death: 29 Jul 1827, Sussex County (now Warrant), New Jersey, USA.

Note: Anthony’s son William moved to Canada)

William Ribble (source: Paula Perkins Mortensen)

Born: Possibly 1744

Marriage: Possibly Maria Sebring

Death: Possibly 1782

Jonathan George Ribble (Last Will & Testament of his father, George Ribble)

Born: Possibly 1751

Marriage: Possibly Rachel Harris

Death: 1822

1: It was a German custom to use your middle name as a call name.

2. Germany, Select Births and Baptisms, 1558-1898,

3. Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Strassburger, 1992, 2002.

^ More information below.

If you are also related to Johann George, or other Ribble lines, contact Kelly on

^The image at left, by Antoine Roux, is an example of ship from the mid-1700’s. The smaller ship to the right is called a pink (pincke in Dutch). Johann George & his contemporaries traveled to America in a ship like this.

My 2x Great Grandfather, Andrew Ribble

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Kelly’s Ribble Lineage

My direct ancestors (year of birth), their relationship to me; their birth & death counties.

  1. Sandra Waite Cali (living), mother.
  2. Doris Everett Waite (1923), grandmother of Tioga Co & Erie Co, NY.
  3. Anna Ribble Everett (1905), 1x g-grandmother of Potter Co, PA & Chemung Co, NY.
  4. Andrew J. (1853), 2x g-grandfather of Steuben Co & Allegany Co, NY. —→
  5. Richard (1816), 3rx g-grandfather of Steuben Co & Schuyler Co, NY.
  6. Moses (1787), 4x g-grandfather of Warren Co, NJ & Linn Co, IA.
  7. Anthony (1736), 5x g-grandfather of Hunterdon Co & Warren Co, NJ.
  8. Johann Georg (1710), 6x g-grandfather of Württemberg, Germany*, Warren Co, NJ.
  9. Christian Raible (bef. 1694), 7x g-grandfather* of Württemberg, Annweiler, Germany.*

 *Source: Germany, Births & Baptisms, 1558-1898.

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