Chautauqua County, New York

At one time this county was the most Western point of the USA. As the country opened westward it because an important thoroughfare from the Northeast. Lucille Ball & B F Goodrich are among the famous born here. The Erie Tribe, formerly Iroquois Nation, now Seneca Nation of Indians, were the earliest known inhabitants.

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Map By David Benbennick
Map By David Benbennick
Map By David Benbennick
Chautauqua County, New York ResorcesChemung County, New York ResorcesOswego County, New York Resorces
Map By David Benbennick
Rowan County, North Carolina  ResorcesRowan County, North Carolina  ResorcesOswego County, New York ResorcesChemung County, New York ResorcesChautauqua County, New York Resorces

Chemung County, New York

Located below the Finger Lakes near the border of New York & Pennsylvania. The area is beautiful and mountainous. Some famous people from this county are Geoff Bodine, Tommy Hilfiger, & Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens). The Seneca, & possibly the Cayuga, were the earliest known inhabitants.

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Oswego County, New York

Bordering Southeastern area of Lake Ontario, many local families can trace their histories back to French-Canadians who settled here. They traveled down the St. Lawrence River to Lake Ontario, then down the Oswego or Salmon Rivers. The Onondaga Tribe, of the Iroquois Nation, were the earliest known inhabitants.

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Rowan County, North Carolina

Many locals, who are not implants like myself, trace their roots back to the German or Scots-Irish who settled here. In the 1700’s many of them traveled here from Pennsylvania & Virginia by The Great Wagon Trail. The Catawba & The Waccamaw Siouan Tribes were the earliest known inhabitants.

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