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Leete Family Genealogy

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My Leete Lineage

Line of Ancestry from Maurice Leroy Waite to Thomas Leete

  1. Maurice Red Waite  [Living]; m: 1946 Doris Mae Everett
  2. Hazel Bronson: 1889 Ripley, NY-1949 Westfield, NY; m: 1911 Ralph Waite
  3. Wesley Bronson: 1860 Ripley, NY - 1945 Erie, PA; m: 1888 Eliza Thorpe
  4. Alvin Bronson: 1825 Herkimer Co, NY - 1912 Ripley, NY; m: Bef. 1853 Mariah Maria Ham
  5. Ame/Anne Bacon: 1783 Middletown, CT - 1832 Salisbury, NY; m: 1811 Chester Bronson
  6. Joel Bacon I: 1751 - 1832 (both Middletown, CT) - 1832 Portland, CT; m: 1776 Lydia Hubbard
  7. Nathaniel Bacon III: 1706/07 - 1792; m: 1742 Ame Sage (all Middletown, CT)
  8. Hannah Wetmore: 1681 - 1722; m: 1701 Nathaniel Bacon II (all Middletown, CT)
  9. Katherine Leete: 1642 MA - 1693 Middletown, CT, m: 1673 Thomas Wetmore
  10. William Leete: Abt. 1613 Diddington, Eng - 1683 Hartford, CT, m: 1636 Ann Payne
  11. John Leete: Abt. 1575 Doddington, Eng - 1683, m: 1610/11 Anne Shute
  12. Thomas Leete: 1554 Oakington, Eng - 1616 Oakington, Eng, m: 1574 Maria Slade
  13. Thomas Leete: 1520 Oakington, Eng - ?, m: Dorothy Warde

Hon. William Leete

Kelly’s 9th Great Grandfather

William was born 1612/13 in Dodington, Huntingdonshire, England to John Leete & Anna Shute. His ancestors, including his father & grandfathers, served courts of English Kings/Queens. He was reared to follow suit, being educated as a lawyer.

In May 1639, after converting to Puritanism, Leete, with his family, came to the Colony of New Haven with Rev. Henry Whitfield. Here he became a planter and became involved in politics (see below for a list of his services).

On Friday, April 16th, while still in office, William died. He was laid to rest in the Ancient Burying Ground of Hartford, Connecticut.

Offices held by William Leete

Clerk in Bishop's Court at Cambridge, England

Justice of the Peace, Guilford, Connecticut, 1642

Guilford Town Clerk, 1639-1662

Magistrate, Guilford, 1651-1658

Deputy, New Haven Colony General Court, 1643-1649

Commissioner, New Haven Colony, 1655-1658

Deputy Governor, New Haven Colony, 1658-1661

Governor, New Haven Colony, 1661-1665

Governor, Colony of Connecticut, 1676-1683


The  Governors of Connecticut by Frederick Calvin Norton, 1905.

William Leete, By the Connecticut State Library

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