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Kelly’s DNA Ethnicity

Page last updated 12 Sep 2016

Having been involved with my family history from an early age, my ethnicity was not a big surprise when I did my DNA test. What did surprise me was what percentage of each I am!

Please not that when I refer to my Papa I am speaking of my mother’s father, Maurice “Red” Leroy Waite.

Irish: 41%

My Father’s Irish Roots;

  1. My father’s parents are Vincent Arthur Corkins, Jr. (NY State) & Louise Irene Cammarata (Buffalo, NY)- yes, an Irishman & an Italian.
  2. Vincent Jr’s parents are Vincent Arthur Corkins Sr. & Mary A. McGilley.
  3. Vincent Sr’s parents are John Lawrence Corkins & Catherine Unknown.
  4. John’s father’s name is unknown but documentation places Him as this line’s immigrating Irish ancestor.
  5. Back to Mary McGilley. Her parents are John Joseph McGilley & Susan Stull.
  6. John Joseph’s parents are John McGilley & Catherine Wallace. They were born in Scotland.
  7. John John McGilley’s parents, John P. McGilley & Mary Allison were both born in Ireland.

My Mother’s Irish Roots;

My grandmother is Doris Everett, wife of Papa, Maurice Waite. Her mother, Anna Ribble (wife of Harold Everett) was ½ Irish. Her mother, Ruth Ann Conway, wife of Andrew Ribble, was 100% Irish. Both of her were parents, Jonathan & Rachel Johnson Conway, were born in Ireland. Doris’s father, Harold Everett was adopted. We have not found a way into this line… yet!

I have documented my Papa’s line back to Medieval England. I once heard he was Scottish but that may have been assumed because he had red hair. His line also has surnames such as O’Dell & Culver whose lineages have dead ended on me. The lineage of Papa’s mother Hazel Bronson, wife of  Ralph Waite can be traced back further than the 1100’s in England, and even before in France- with good documentation. This is the Bacon lineage.

Germany/France/Great Britain: 34%

This certainly comes from my Mother’s side. I can trace my Grandmother’s mother’s line to my seventh great grandparents, Christian & Margaretha Unknown Raible*. Their son, Johann Gerog Ribble & his wife Anna (probably Sebron or Seborn) immigrated to the American Colonies in 1733 (settling in NJ, my later ancestors migrated to upstate NY).

My mother’s grandmother, my Papa’s mom, is Hazel Alene Bronson / Brownson. I have a lot of fun with this line once I busted the original brick wall. As time goes by it keeps developing. Hazel’s lineage goes back into England and before that France (in the 1100’s). The most interesting relatives I have found derive from his line including cousin’s Kevin Back & Louisa May Alcott, as well as my English born 9th great grandfather & former Governor of Connecticut & New Haven Colonies, William Logan Leete.

[*Source: “Germany, Select Births & Baptisms, 1558-1898” at (click to view)

Italy (Sicily): 12%

This is undoubtedly my father’s lineage. His mother, Louise Irene Cammarata, was born to Italian Immigrants Marco & Josephine Joann Alessi Cammarata. Cammarata was not a family name. Unable to communicate with him, the authorities at Ellis Island gave him the last name of Cammarata after the mountain of the same name near his home village of Marianopoli, Caltanissetta, Sicilia. I do not have much on JoAnn. Her surname Allessi very well can be a family name. I am unsure at this point.

Other Regions 13%

For other regions in Europe I cannot really certify where they came into my family. Those are Iberian Peninsula 4%, European Jewish 2%, Finland/Northwest Russia 1%, Scandinavia < 1%. I also have 6% of West Asia 6% (Caucasus & Middle East).

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