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Buck Genealogy

Formerly Le Buk. Also; Pierce, Bradford, Hubbard, & Lyman.

Page last updated 12 Sep 2016

There are several Buck lines (which probably lead back to one ancestor). My work currently begins with James Buck of Buckinghamshire, England.

James’ son William was born 1585 in Padbury, Buckinghamshire, England. He immigrated to Massachusetts in Apr 1635 on the ship “Increase”.

Also in this section are Bradfords of Michigan & Lymans & Pierces. They descend from the brother of Governor William Bradford, of the Mayflower.

I have a lot of data & imagery to post here in the future!

Kindred Kel

This Buck line is truly amazing. They have continually been pillars of their communities, many of which they helped build! They immigrated in the 1600’s from England to Connecticut. Eventually this line would branch out into New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Maryland, & beyond.

The following are documents that confirm revolutionary war involvement.

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With Hubbard, Lee, Lyman, & Pierce.

Buck Family Gallery

Buck Family Gallery

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