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My Bacon Ancestors

My direct line from my Papa, Maurice Red Waite to my 24th Great Grandfather, Ranauf de Bacon.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The info below must NOT be considered fact. I am working to develop this line, with confirmed facts and will post that data at a later time. For more information please contact me here.

My 1st g-grandmother (Hazel Bronson Waite) to my 8th g-grandfather (Nathaniel Bacon) have been confirmed using newspapers, biographies, cemetery records/gravestones, census’, probate records, vital records, as well as other sources like the AWESOME Barbour Records collection.

24th Great-Grandfather: Ranauf Ralph de Bacon: 1160 - ?.

23: Renoff Ralph de Bacon: 1190, Baconthorpe, Eng - ?.

22: Robert K. Bacon: 1214, Thorpe, Eng - 1294.

21: Robert Bacon: abt. 1245, Thorpe, Eng - ?.

20: John Bacon I: 1272, Hessett, Eng - ?.

19: John Bacon II: abt. 1300, Monks Bradfield, Eng - ?.

18: John Bacon III: abt. 1320, Hessett, Eng- ?.

17: John Bacon IV: b. 1346, Hessett, Eng - ?.

16: John Bacon V: b. abt. 1376, Hessett, Eng - ?.

15: Edmund Bacon Sr: b. abt. 1410, Drinkstone, Eng - 1453, Drinkstone, Eng.

14: John Bacon Sr: abt. 1430, Drinkstone, Eng - 1500.

13: Thomas Bacon Sr: 1475, Drinkstone, Eng - bet. 1534 & 35.

12: John Bacon: abt. 1505 - bet. 1557 & 58.

11: Michael Bacon: abt. 1535 - 1615.

10: Michael Bacon: 1579, Winston, Eng - 1648, Woburn, MA.

9: William Bacon: bet. 1593 & 1608, Winston, Eng - 1700, Rutland, Eng.

8: Nathaniel Bacon: 1630-1705 .

7: Nathaniel Bacon: 1674, Barnstable, MA - 06 Jan 1759.

6: Nathaniel Bacon Jr: 1706/7, Middletown, CT - 1792, Middletown, CT.

5: Joel Jacob Bacon: 1751, Middletown, CT - 1832, Middletown, CT.

4: Amy|Anne Bacon: 1783, Middletown, CT - 1832, Salisbury, NY. Mar. Chester Bronson.

3: Alvin J Bronson: 1825, Salisbury, NY - 1912, South Ripley, NY.

2: Wesley Bronson: 1860, South Ripley, NY - 1945, Erie, PA.

1: Hazel Bronson: 1889, South Ripley, NY - 1949, Westfield, NY. W/o Ralph Waite.

0. Maurice ‘Red’ Waite, 1922, South Ripley, NY - 2015, Oswego, NY.

Related Reference

These items were used to research the Brownson lineage and are available for lookup.

Bacon Genealogy: Michael Bacon Of Dedham, And His Descendants (1915), Thomas Baldwin

The Baronetage of England: History of the English baronets and such baronets of Scotland as are of English families, William. Betham

Historic Homes and Places and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Middlesex County, Massachusetts, V. 4 records prepared by Wm. Cutter.

This list is not complete & will be updated. For more information contact us on Facebook.

Not long ago this was a brick wall! I am so excited to have found new data to open this line to as far back as 1048 AD. I am only working back to Ranauf de Bacon of France (b. 1160), my 24th great grandfather, for now. This line WILL develop further after this web site is caught up!

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